Recruiting Game Theory


I always believed PSU went for the undersized PF / C. Chambers is getting players who have the measurables and the talent. FWIW this discussion dismisses guys like Claxton, a 2 star that plays like a 4.

When I look at recruiting if you look at the class in football or the team in MBB as a whole, the stars do matter. Individually they do not.


That’s No. 2 - Be right about people others are wrong about and accept commitment


It’s not the stars that make me think Donta is a class above in this scenario. Kid is a hell of a player and Maryland snagging him is about as bad as it could’ve gone for us in this scenario. Now we gotta deal with him on the other side for the next 4 years.


I just trust this staff. I think turning this program is one of the toughest jobs. Turning it and not breaking the rules that is.
I have been very happy with Chambers, first time I met him and spoke one on one he was very honest and genuine. And I am a nobody, just a passionate season ticket holder. He is as real as it gets IMO.
He didn’t need to be real, could have done some coach speak, gladhanded me and moved on, but he didn’t and he has my support. That was in year one.
If you can’t root for Pat I don’t know who you can. In a lot of ways Parkhill was similar.


Then again, if he’s as good as you believe, maybe we won’t have to deal with him for the next four years.


Jagla didn’t play the 2. He was forced to play the 3 his junior year (Rob Sommers, and Ndu Egekese manned the front.

The starting guards when Jagla played

Frosh year: Brandon Watkins (27 starts out of 28 game), Sharif Chambliss (19 of 28)
Soph year: Brandon Watkins (26 of 28), Sharif Chambliss (24 of 28)
Junior year: Ben Luber (26 of 28) and Marlon Smith (28 of 28).


That was mostly a joke about how our 7 footer was seen more on the perimeter than in the paint. Which doesn’t sound so crazy in 2018, but I remember a lot of people being upset about back in those days.


I misinterpreted your “thinking he did” as “I think he did”.

Jagla’s junior year was the year that we basically had no guards. Luber and Smith were forced to play almost 40 minutes a game (Sharif Chambliss transferred before the season started and Brandon Cameron left after one game). When small forward DeForrest Riley-Smith left the team in mid-season, Jagla was the only real choice to play the three. He also easily led the team in rebounding (think he was third in the Big Ten that year), so I feel that criticism was unwarranted.

The rest of the team looked like this:

Kevin Fellows
Ndu Egekeze
Rob Sommers
Jason McDougald

Jagla had enough skill out there to basically play that spot in the Olympics as Dirk Nowitski’s backup.