Recruiting big men - maybe DeChellis knows what he's doing


Sports Illustrated’s Luke Winn did some analysis of the performance of elite freshman players and it basically shows what many have suspected - outstanding big men are very very rare. Once you get outside of top ten ranked recruits, the performance of the top power forwards and centers drops off dramatically.

On the other hand, it’s the wing players, both forwards and guards, at the bottom of the top 100 who are the contributors. Those are the players that PSU seems to focus their recruiting efforts on and perhaps there’s some method to their madness.

Read the whole article here.


You can win without a dominating big man - especially if you have a running team. Lar, I’m sure you remember the UCLA teams of the mid-1960’s. Great guards (Gail Goodrich, Walt Hazard) and great forwards (Kenny Washington, Mike Lynn) and a 6’5" athletic center named Keith Ericsson who was also an AA Volleyball player. They won NCAA championships in 1964 and 1965 in the era when there were plenty of teams with 7’ lumbering centers.


What I’d like to know is the defensive rating of the heralded players? Personally I like the long, lean shot blocking forwards/centers and think they are they type that Ed should be recruiting for his system.

If we got a Booth type player, lookout.