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Recruiting 2.0 [Penn State prospects]

A bit more detail in a similar article here:

Copeland is young for his grade, and won’t turn 17 until September.

Because of that and his still-developing recruitment, he said he is considering transferring from Gettysburg to a preparatory school and reclassifying as a junior in the class of 2022. Prep schools aren’t part of the PIAA and therefore aren’t held to the same transfer restrictions.

Copeland said he is looking at schools in Philadelphia and New Jersey but is considering staying at Gettysburg. He doesn’t have a time frame on the decision.



This photo was posted by Abdou Tsimbila today.

Is this the sign that Abdou will finally make it to campus??


Congratulations Abdou!

It is definitely a positive. I dont have any idea if it affects his foreign student qualification for PSU tho.

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The kid made it big (not PSU recruiting, but someone from the past). Hope he brings the Knicks their next championship!

EDIT: Even if Dolan doesn’t deserve it, but Knicks fans do.


I’m glad he got his degree
Too many of these stories end negatively.


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Thompson to BC

Bummer. I thought he’d be a good fit.

Think that’s the position (SF) we’re targeting now for that final spot?

Front court depth makes me nervous. All-in on Lively?

I mean we got 2 bigs for the '22 season so that’s a start. Woodley is gonna be a post some of the time even if he’s undersized.

And yes, DL is very clearly our top target on the board for multiple reasons.

It’s a start, definitely. Team looks a LOT better tonight than it did yesterday.

That said, landing an elite big man like Lively, to me, basically culminates the rebuilding project Chambers has been working on. Suddenly you’d have a star PF/C that would be surrounded by the solid wings Chambers loves, as well as a PG in Johnson who looks like a real player himself. Lively would make PSU a top 25 team in my view.


Now that Tsimbila has finally clarified the scholarship picture, the 2021 class only has one scholarship left and they’ve been targeting 6’5"-6’8" wings/combo forwards. It seems the last spot is up to Gabe Dorsey, Jalin Billingsley, or Ed Holland. Guys like Daniel Nixon, John Camden, and Sean Durugordon are still out there as well, but it doesn’t feel like PSU has as much momentum with those guys compared to the first three. No room for Hysier Miller :frowning:

Lively and Copeland are 2022 kids. That class is projected at three players, as well. They’d be perfect next to Sonny Jr.