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Recruiting 2.0 [Penn State prospects]

Moving forward and at this point, I’m thinking a solid recruiting strategy might be for PC to do the following:

  1. Hold in reserve at least two scholarships for 2020-2021

  2. Make the NCAA Tourney; win a game or maybe two

  3. Now we’ve generated significant interest, and are that much more attractive to high-end prospective recruits

  4. Capitalize on remaining undecided recruits as well as other “decommits” as they occur; perhaps landing one 4 or 5-star recruit, excited to play for an NCAA tourney team

I’m no recruiting expert, and I understand that there is considerable risk with this type of approach, but it seems to me that 3-star guys will always be available to a Big Ten school. Nothing ventured nothing gained. And I sincerely believe that this team will squeak into the 2020 NCAA Tourney.


Completely agree. It’s like expecting the market to crash, and making sure you have some cash on hand to take advantage. If we make the Tourny and don’t have any schollys to offer afterwards, it would be a huge missed opportunity.
The flip side is, if we DON’T make the tourney, PC won’t be needing those ships anyway… :wink:


As it stands now we have a ship left over for this 2020 class.

Graduating in 2021 and losing eligibility: Trent Buttrick, John Harrar, Jamari Wheeler…Izaiah would be a Grad Transfer candidate. We currently have 4 ships and maybe 5 if Abdou doesn’t end up qualifying or something. We have plenty of scholarships to give at the moment, which I think is why the staff looked JuCo for some help at the forward

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Are you assuming Kyle McCloskey is on scholarship?

Current scholarship players (- denotes departing player; + denotes remaining player):

2020 recruiting class: 3 players. That would leave one open scholarship unless someone other than the three above leaves (or Abdou doesn’t make it).

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The Kasatkin transfer makes four scholarships for 20-21…five if Abdou does not enroll.


That’s where we have it.

Edit add:

I added Abdou back to the scholarship matrix based on this Ben Jones article (which I had forgotten about).

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Per the RI board it sounds like during this period of his recruitment PSU has been Manuel’s only official visit.

Would love to snag this kid.

How many years of eligibility for Manuel?

I take it that he is for NEXT year? 2020-21 season

He was class of 2019, so I assume that he would be a sophomore? Definitely could help out next year in Mike’s absence.


I find it hilarious that he has attempted 23 3’s… but is only shooting 17% on those.

He is 10th in the JNCAA in rebounding and 17th in blocks.


Manuel is preparing for his second year of JUCO basketball.

Street & Smith put him in the top 10 (second five) second-year JUCOs.

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Internet rumor by the RI insider says Manuel to PSU.

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Street and Smith is still a thing?

He must of been sold on PC giving Mike the green light to shoot 3’s this year.

Grammar police here. It’s like chalk on a blackboard to me - “must have”.