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Recruiting 2.0 [Penn State prospects]

I don’t know anything about Greer’s recruitment, but reclassifying seems like it would be potentially good for us. After 2021, the only PGs on our roster are…well nobody. I’m not well versed enough with Temple to know if this fits them better as well, but we’ll have a ton of PG minutes to give out in 21-22 as things stand.

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Bit of an odd offer, no?

No. 2:

Fills an important role with Mike graduating and Abdou as a late arrival.

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An account of when he switched from Seton Hall to St. Joe’s.

So far he’s committed to Seton Hall, St Johns and St Joe’s…buyer beware???

He arrived from Angola four years ago. Sounds like it might have taken some work to qualify academically, but clearly a bunch of places thought he has been close.

Guess my point was does it mean we aren’t that in the mix for Zona? In addition to all the dudes devious commitments.

A lot of folks on other boards presume that offers popping up now suggest staffs working through the list. Could be. Maybe also coming up now because we’re in a recruiting period, and coaches are seeing guys they haven’t really seen yet and pulling the trigger.

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On cue, here’s an example - Temple after Greer reclassified:

Given the lack of reliable info (albeit including the accuracy of offers made), probably as good to deduce from observation as rely on anything reported or internet gossiped.

I really wanted Gordon to commit after being on campus the past 2 weekends. I wonder if he’s taking his next official this weekend?

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No change that I’ve seen from this earlier this month:

Minnesota September 21
VCU on October 4
Providence October 15
Iowa TBD

@Phillyhoops4life on Lynn Greer on the St. Joe’s board, speculating that the Hawks have a good pitch for him now:

Penn State hasn’t been mentioned with Taylor for a long time. Like the way his game has been described.

More on Greer from @Phillyhoops4life:

He clearly doesn’t like his current options… Had a poor summer with Team Takeover… Oregon, Florida, Nova went in other directions…

He reclassifying is a clear sign that he is WIDE OPEN… That plus the fact that I talked to his Pop yesterday and he said his recruitment is “WIDE OPEN!”

Several HIGH MAJOR programs have let it be known that they would take Lynn right now, but he’s not jumping…

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Per a Minnesota forum, Gordon won’t be visiting the Gophers this weekend due to a death in the family.