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Recruiting 2.0 [Penn State prospects]

Not sure where we’re tracking potential grad transfers but you have to think this could be one for the staff to look into. Paulicap’s an accomplished defensive player with 148 career blocks in 2.3 seasons. Won MAAC DPOY as a sophomore.


6’8" 220 from New York. Looks like he played 25 minutes a game and had foul trouble. 50% FT. No 3s, so not a stretch 4. I’d rather have Abdou, but would take him in a heartbeat if Abdou cant enroll.


Foul prone, horrible free throw shooter, cant hit the broadside of a barn from deep, playing for a low-mid major… would take him in a heartbeat.

That is how desperate we are right now :laughing:


Agreed the thing is…offense is not the problem with this roster at the moment.

Ummm, Paulicap would’ve been a nice addition if we were pursuing him back in March. The kid has the high motor Chambers’ covets, so he seems like a culture fit. His proven shot blocking, rebounding and athleticism at 6’8" is something clearly missing on PSU’s roster. This could be the lucky break the staff needed - Paulicap spent his freshman year in junior college at Harcum. The guy’s got a very interesting backstory.

“He just plays so hard all the time, and when you meet him, he’s just a special young man and very selfless,” Masiello said. “He’s everyone’s fan favorite. He’s infectious, and he’s probably the first player I’ve had that has more energy than I do. The way he is in the locker room, the way he is on the bus, he’s got a personality that’s bigger than 20 people. He’s probably the most independent young man I’ve coached. He’s a self-starter. He’s a self-motivator. He has great pride in everything he does. He’s really changed our program.

Here are his sophomore year highlights (Chambers might offer for the 3:28-3:55 sequence alone).

I’ll take whatever baggage you think he brings on offense. Looks to me like a guy who can clean up plays around the rim and catch lobs. He will definitely not command 29% of possessions like he did for Manhattan. He is foul prone, probably from how hard he plays, but so is Harrar. You’ll just have to live with the foul shooting, but it’s worth noting he was about 63% as an underclassmen. That’s definitely not horrible.


Thanks for the info. I knew absolutely nothing about him, I was just joking about that post… listing all of those negatives, and then saying he would be thrilled to have him made me chuckle, that’s all.

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His No. 33 is open. I’m sure Shep would be fine with that!

Would help our roster balance, would help defensively. I’d take him if he wants to come here for sure. I also don’t think he’ll be the last big/forward to enter the portal this summer.

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I wasn’t denigrating him. Just passing on info from his stats. I would prefer Abdou because we’d have him for 4 years and because I dont see JH and Pauly on the floor together. That would limit his ability to contribute. I’d love to have a high energy big rebounding and playing D like Pauly if he can fit into the team.

We can’t be selective, seems like a player we should be on if we get bad news about Abdou.


Why don’t you see JH and Pauly on the floor together?

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Neither one is a jump shooter, so you have 2 guys who both want to set up inside. That is not the offense that Pat has been coaching. They’d be fine together on defense tho.

I think JH can be a jump shooter. Hopefully he has
been working on that during the off season.

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Same as Zemgulis

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The difference is John was hitting them during games, not in a practice video.


It was a joke

In either case… why would we want to put either both Abdou/JH or JH/Pauly on the floor together?

Wouldn’t we want whoever comes in to just spell minutes for Harrar and keep ourselves out of foul trouble?

If Lamar and JH/Mike played on the floor together why couldn’t JH and Pauly play on the floor together?

Might have to resort to a Nebraska tactic and pull someone off the PSU football team. Maybe a Jason Oweh @ 6’6" or Zack Kuntz @ 6’7".


Are you really equating Lamars offensive game with Paulys? Lamar was all-B1G who could post, drive and shoot midrange (not so much from 3) against every team’s best defensive forward every night. Lamar was basically a really physical SF. Pauly is a C. Much more like Mike than Lamar. They do not play the same position. Mike and John were almost never on the floor at the same time and I just don’t see john and Pauly on the floor together either.