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Radford IGT

Well, I plopped down the money to watch this thing on the

I hope it works out better than what I’ve heard from those of you who signed up for earlier games.

It looks like there are maybe 50 in the stands.

Would have been 52 if I had been able to transfer my tickets via the gopsusports website.

Not as good of a student turnout as I expected.

Same starting lineup as the Hartford game.

Let me know how the stream works for you tonight. TJB said it was working well last game, but nobody else seemed to get it going. I hate not being able to watch live. Listened on the radio last time, but it drives me a bit nuts not being able to see and I just can’t make it tonight (again) :frowning:

Stream is ok…audio is clear, but the video is very low def. Not choppy, just very low res.

Radford just nailed a 3 to take an early 3-0 lead.

Whoa, just found a free stream of it. Not sure if Tim would want me posting it here or not…

offensive struggle. :confused:

lets have it – the free streaming


now 6-0 with 16 minutes left in the first half after another 3 pointer by Radford. Lots of subs so far for PSU.

Graham with the bucket and foul!!! :slight_smile:

That’s what I want to see from Graham! stream is fine.

Same here.

Graham did go up strong there.

Wow, they actually called a charge where a guy didn’t fall to the ground. He didn’t even really get bumped that hard, but it was definitely a charge. I love it! (i hate flopping)

Scoreboard not working

9-3 Radford.

All 9 points from 3 pointers from the same guy. Gotta’ think he’s gonna’ cool off.

Also, the clock on the stream isn’t displaying, so no idea how much time is left.

Frazier is in completely control on offense. Back to back dishes for layups.

How many times have I heard this in the last 4 years?? Ugh.