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R.I.P. Maurice Lucas


Former Marquette and Portland Trailblazer star Maurice Lucas has passed away. Lucas was the “classic” power forward. Lucas played on one of the best HS teams in PA history. Pgh. Schenley won the state championship in 1971. I was fortunate to play against Maurice in a summer league game. His Schenley team defeated my local team by about 10 to win the Pgh. Rec-Park Championship.


One more point for you youngsters… Lucas was a key piece for one of the most enjoyable to watch NBA Championship teams ever. Portland had never had a winning season in it’s 6 year NBA history. The 76-77 team was “Show-Time” (pre-Magic Johnson.) They played very fast and had a great classic fast break. It was started by the big guys. A long haired Bill Walton challenged ever shot and blocked a ton. He and Lucas were great defensive rebounders who had great outlets. The small forwards (Gross and Steele) seemed to have no defense rebounding responsibilities. They just took off on the break. Lionel Hollis was the best guard. But, Dave Twardzik, Johnny Davis and Herb Gilliam provided a ton of speed from the backcourt!!


Dave Twardzik was from Hershey PA – I think he played HS ball in Middletown which is a few miles from Hershey.


Thanks, mjg. I didn’t know that. I always like to be aware of PA kids. He was a heck of a player.


One more very good article.