@ Purdue IGT


Uh oh - Ed’s pregame speech didn’t include highly detailed instructions! :o


They went to “Play HArd” instead of “Family” on three. Hopefully the change works.


Edwards mid-range shot is pretty.


Those are the type of shots you want BigBill. Let the game come to you.


Purdue pressure already a lot to handle for us.

Want to see the block replay, thought maybe goaltending.


How did TB miss the layup? ???


He got it blocked


It was partially blocked.


SO we don’t think goaltending? I thought it hit the backboard first, TB seemed to want the call also - but of course, he would want that call. LOL


The block was clean. TB went up to slow… And then got frustrated when he threw the TO. He’s the leading scorer in Big 10. You would think he should know that he’s gonna get double teamed all the time.


wow - what a bailout whistle there on Ott… wait and see if it goes in before blowing the whistle guys, nice job.


They’ve got a very large defender on Battle also, he’s going to struggle if they make him run the point all game… I’d get Frazier in there to let him work off the ball.


Why is our freshman the only guy other than TB who is looking to drive?


I still don’t get how Edwards isn’t ready for this level LOL. He’s the only guy out there who looks even remotely comfortable against this sort of pressure on defense.




Edwards looking better thus far. The last few games seem to really have helped him.




Well that new defensive strategy didn’t work too well LOL.


Not finishing at the rim 3 times now… not going to work.


Our bigs just cannot finish strong.