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Purdue IGT

here we go

What’s the over-under on Tim the BTN color guy saying “If loving TB Is wrong, I don’t want to be right.”

Let’s win this one

Ed with the Century 21 suit

Who are these guys?!

Someone cover the short white guy please, he killed us last time

Down 8-2 early :frowning:


Thank goodness that one didn’t go in.

Not at all a good start.

Brooks with 2 turnovers already.

Looks like this is going to be a tough one

Didn’t see a travel there on Brooks. We got to exploit that matchup and his height advantage over Moore

That rebound was clearly off Jackson underneath the hoop. Purdue keeps possession and Jackson hits a 3. Those kind of thing have to go PSU’s way if they’re going to have a chance.
Like that Brooks got 2 post-up opportunities early - unfortunately resulted in 2 turnovers.

Didn’t see it either. Zebra said it happened and our opinions don’t count.

replayed it and it was hard to tell from that camera angle. Looked like it was technically correct, but a call that often isn’t made. See if something similar happens on the other side.

Nice bucket Frazier

Jajuan’s got game

Purdue feeling it.

We need to stay in touch (less than 10 down) and whether this early storm…AND STOP LEAVING SMITH OPEN

I guess we still don’t want to gaurd Smith. Luckily it didn’t go in.