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Purdue IGT

Need to stay out of foul trouble in this one

Already an Adrien Peterson commercial. Off to a good start tonight BTN!

So does Ed put Brooks on Johnson?

Hoping for zone almost all night jjepsu - don’t think we can stay out of foul trouble any other way against these guys.

Was that JONES?

there’s a very bad foul by Brooks, no need for that.

Battle way off so far.

Brooks picks up one of his phantom fouls


Wow, Andrew Jones the jump shooter

So Jones is a SF? Who knew!

Hah, Jones with his 3rd jumper of the game


TImmy with 3 assists already, like John Stockton out there. :smiley:

Is that Gus Johnson on the Buffalo Wild Wings commercial?

Was Jones passing these shots up before, or were we just not getting him the ball in these spots as much?

This has got to be a gameplan. Jones has a good week of practice, they throw in a wrinkle.

wow, the double team was great there, caused a TO.

Some nice defense so far, too.

Tonight I think I wouldn’t be shocked to see AJ pop a 3.

TB looks a little out of sync tonight so far, but that just means he’ll be hot down the stretch. :wink: