Purdue - 'Bama


Bama is up 8 with 9:25 to go.

If Purdue were to lose… what does that do for the B10’s respect nationally? Sure, the B10 won the ACC/B10 challenge but they have a large helping of poor losses so far. They haven’t proved that they are the best conference this year as many thought they were going to be prior to this season starting.


Nothing. Most analyst think there is lots of parity this year. If a team doesn’t bring a-game every night, lots teams can beat them.


Nothing? All these bad losses mean nothing?


It might hurt the individual teams but as a conference it really not going to hurt. We won the challenge this year. People will remember that instead of one or 2 upsets each team has. Look at the PAC 10, they are getting talked about as a one team NCAA tourney team league this season. Which conference will be regarded better right now?


That was an impressive win for Purdue.

The kind that prepares you for the rigors of playing on the road in the Big Ten.


This thread completely jinxed the game for Bama. The moment I posted it they looked terrible. :smiley:


See I told you it didn’t mean anything :wink:


I was hoping for a Bama win.

Cornell beat Bama. Bama beat Purdue. SHU beat Cornell. SHU should be #5! :wink: