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Psu vt igt


DJ back in the starting lineup


Got the game on, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to watch it


Looks like Jones has gotten our 1st basket


Nice couple jumpers from 'drew already. Hope he keeps it up.


Bad turn over by Brooks


2 turn overs so far when we’ve tried to go back door, 6 all at this point 15:40 left in the 1st


Ugly game for both teams so far.


Don’t like leaving a couple guys wide open for 3’s. Luckily they didn’t go in.


Right now the team needs to settle down a bit. I got the feeling they were very excited which is good, but not if it leads to turnovers.


Wow, what a shot by Timmy!


Frazier hits a 3, I’m surprised by that. Also I don’t think Battle has taken a shot yet


Frazier for 3…

1 total shot between Brooks/Battle


We can’t keep turning it over, I get that enough with the Clippers :frowning:


VT is so much more athletic than Penn State…leaps and bounds


He took and missed a 3


Site seemed to bite the dust there for a bit.

PSU struggling with turnovers and VT’s athleticism, but they’re hanging in there.


I’m glad that we’re hanging in the game, I hope that VT’s defense and athleticism doesn’t take over


Hey fellas, am I the only one having trouble getting this site to load? It took me 10 minutes to get through. =/

In any case, we gotta slow the pace down here, I think…


So far Brooks in 14 minutes has all goose eggs. No shots, no points, no rebounds.


Announcers comparing Battle to Kevin Johnson