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PSU vs. Kentucky


Let’s start this thread early. Who’s coming to CT for this one? Not often we get to square off against one of the elite teams OOC.


This game is on the same day as the OSU/PSU football game, correct?


I am! Bought tickets in the Penn State section. Wahoo!


Yes, but it’s @OSU


2 a** whoopings in 1 day!!! Given to the Wildcats and Buckeyes :wink:


I strongly want to go, but I haven’t made any plans yet, or even bought tickets.


Does anyone know when I should expect to get the tickets in the mail?

Going to this game and the BC game, definitely psyched to see how the team plays under a different coach. Plus I gotta give credit to Ed for leaving some young talent for Pat. They may be inexperienced but there is talent there and with the right coaching who knows what to expect.


Wish it was one weekend later during Thanksgiving break. I normally head up north to Boston to visit family, and that would have worked out perfectly. Still thinking of going up early and maybe working from home that week if I can swing it.


I like how that sounds ;D


Well, given an a** whooping to a bunch of butt guys isn’t too surprising. :smiley:


I am in with great accommodations and now just waiting for tix to be mailed


They can bill this Kentucky vs PSU game as:

Future NBAers vs. Future MBAers