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PSU vs. Furman

#1 Lions Look To Rebound Vs. Furman

PSU game notes Furman To Face Penn State On Big Ten Network This Sunday

Furman game notes


Just win…I can’t imagine the team made it home until this morning and then they need to prepare for the game. Seems like the ultimate trap game. I think we’ll need a deeper bench for this one.


PSU struggles in the first half, and pulls away in the second, in typical PSU OOC fashion. Book it! :smiley:


They were home by midnight Friday.


I wholeheartedly agree with this. Not only do I think we struggle in the first half, but I don’t think we pull away until the 10:00 mark in the second half. The margin of victory will make it seem like we had the game in hand more than we did.


If you flirt with disaster often enough, you will eventually get a date.


I thought this was a 7PM game until I saw a few of the players tweet “game time” – 3:30 tip off!


I have a dilemma, the Clippers and Penn State play at the same time. I guess I’ll have to switch between games, hopefully both of my teams will win.


Is the game today? Why did I think it was tomorrow?


FWIW we are favored by 12.5 pts and yes the game is today for anyone that didn’t know.


You poor, poor b@stard.


I’ve been a Clippers fan much longer than a Penn State fan. The Clippers are having much more problems than Penn State. In the current starting lineup there is no one over 22, injuries are a big factor in that. The young guys have been playing better, but we are still thin a PG. On the bright side Eric Gordon and Blake Griffin have been a great duo so far.

For Penn State I’m not happy that we haven’t played a lot of guys off the bench. Furman is a much easier opponent than the Utah Jazz so the Clippers have me more worried today than Penn State.

Also just wanted to add that I’ve been a Clippers fan for 13 seasons I think. If it’s not 13 it’s pretty close.


I don’t blame anyone for choosing another sporting event over this one. Furman? I mean c’mon! I’m excited for this game because its Penn State, but besides that? ::slight_smile:

I think I’m going to continue playing FIFA 11 and have the game streaming up on my laptop. ;D


Just flipped on the game and to my dismay we are already down 3-2