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PSU v. Michigan IGT

I don’t know but that was a nice reverse from him… get him more minutes!

Evidently Michigan didn’t scout that when Talor goes to the rim he always shoots a reverse layup.

Talor + Battle = Baylor. :smiley:

UM with a lot of feet shuffling going unnoticed.

And we’ve got the lead. 6-5 with 15’ left.

Get involved, Brooksie!

I am sick of the Adrian Peterson commercial.

was that foul right before the break called on Jones? If so, that’s 2 on him.

not as bad as the whole series of Progressive commercials

Also some pretty good movement on those ball screens they’re running right in front of the refs. But I won’t mention the lack of whistles again…after mentioning it’s 3-0 fouls against us. :wink:


Time to get Brooks some touches out of this time out.

Agreed…who would picture AP instead of a woman that hot?

We’re doing a better job looking inside and moving the ball on offense early today, but need to get some contact inside and get to the line once it goes in there. Toughen up boys.

there it is!

Atta way!

Brooks must have been reading kid’s posts

showing zone now also, AFTER we get in foul trouble

Right on cue.

lol and there is the cheap makeup foul for us. of course on the perimeter.