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PSU v. Michigan IGT

Even though the game didn’t start, too close to start separate thread. Thought CAPPY would have had game notes up. I saw UM play once, and they got beaten up by Purdue, but IMO, their new big guy, Morgan, is tough. 6’8", nice inside moves.

I’m psyched for this one.

I’m in Florida after the Outback Bowl and without my BTN…anyone have a video feed?

A winnable game, but they’re never easy in this league. Need the big 3 to show up big again, and hopefully get some contributions from the bench tonight.

Defense again will be the key. I think if we keep them under 65 points we should win. Anything over that and it gets sketchy.

Tim Doyle. Could be worse, I know, but I wanted to begin the griping :).

I put all my CentSports money on Penn State money line, that way I’m required to root for them. ;D

I was hoping for Gus.

Gotta win this one with murderers row row coming.

Whoa, easy big spender.

gotta say i know very little about UM this year. not sure what to expect out of them.

I have the Clippers on right now, I’ll be switching between the two games

DJ always takes the first shot.

He loves Talor. I remember he said one post game, “if lovin’ Talor Battle is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.”

Looks like the Wolverines scouted are low-post game well!

Hate silly fouls on the offensive end. a complete waste for such a short benched team

A moving screen on AJ in less than 1 minute. Usually takes 3 minutes. :wink:

We’re running Kid’s offense!

I like the new “media view” gametracker has

a banked 3 against us that didn’t go in? gotta like that!

DJ’s release looked good there. Nice rebound.

Who’s Balor? :wink: