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Psu/unl igt


The NW/Michigan game is going to OT…so we’ll miss the first couple minutes on BTN


Do we have a radio link?

I keep losing the url, we should pin it to the top of the thread list.


I hate the BTN


Or, better yet, how about a video stream? Firstrowsports always makes you download crap that you have to “complete a free offer” to download - not worth it.

#5 usually neglects to turn off their feed.


So Collela is now the #3 guard?


Terrible start by PSU


They look a little disorganized so far tonight.


I’m predicting a Chambers tirade. We’re letting Nebraska control the tempo. He’s not going to like this. :slight_smile:


We look a little tired imo. Nebraska doesn’t look that bad to me.


I think you might be right. I am having my own little tirade in my living room for that very reason!


Anyone know who comitted the foul on the Nebraska 3-point shot? I assume it was Marshall since he is now sitting with 2 fouls. If so, his two fouls have cost us 5 points.


Trey just checked in.


Did the announcer say we were surrounding the loose ball like the “last tortilla at an open bar”?


There’s a reason he’s doing this game.


TreyLew with meaningful minutes


Would you rather go back to the days when folks in Sioux Falls got more games than folks in Pennsylvania and WPSU would tape-delay the PSU-Michigan game in favor of a Shakespeare Documentary re-run?


If it’s an open bar, I’m not going for the tortillas.


Timmy from the arc with confidence


getting completely out hustled and out muscled