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Psu/um igt


PSU starts with 4 guards and Oliver


It’s been awhile since we’ve had one of these. It’s nice to get a chance to see the guys play again.


Yea, I was scanning who was in the starting lineup when I saw Billy doing the jump ball. I was like, who else was there haha. So far we seem to be doing a good job rebounding w our 5 guard lineup.


Other than the two bad turnovers there I like the start. We don’t look scared or overwhelmed.


Some weak charges being called on PSU


Typical shooting though…can’t hit the broad side of a barn again


Just gotta hang in there and catch a break.

Nifty move by Lewis under the basket.


UM getting some home cooking


These refs suck.


I really hope this doesn’t get ugly


Good to see Graham back in action


You know who Trey asked to guard.


Wow, that ref had his whistle blown before Graham even stuck his arm in there


I was just about to say that


I hate to say it Tim, but the TO’s don’t help.


If PSU keeps turning the ball over like that they have no shot.


Frazier starting to play like Battle did when he didn’t trust anyone else around him…trying to force everything.


Marshall is a liability right now.


We’re in this game, we just need a little flow on offense. Get to the half down less than 10 and I feel like we have a shot. Our defense has been pretty good. At the very least our rotations have gotten better, bar a few mistakes.


Frazier isn’t even bothering to look to pass now.