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PSU-TEMPLE NCAA game replay


I know this might be hard for some to watch, but if you are interested in the replay, they will be showing it on CBS college sports @ 7.30 PM ET


Thanks I’ve been wanting to watch a replay of this game, even though we lost :frowning:


Thanks for the heads up. I watched this in Vegas so some of the details were a little blurry to me, but I instantly felt a bit sad when I turned this on and saw the old group of guys. So many nights spent together, such a heartbreaking moment watching Jeff go out and knowing what’s coming for the rest of the team just 15 minutes from now.

On a related note, I found an HD rip of this game just now that I’ll be able to keep forever. That makes me happy, I don’t have many videos of this team and I’d definitely like having some more footage to save.


I watched the PSU season journey on the BTN last week. It was both good and bad watching. The good was seeing what these guys accomplished and what quality kids and coaches they were and the bad was knowing I was watching these players ( and coaches) for the last time at PSU.


Actually, I just saw that they will be replaying the Boston Univ. vs. Kansas on Thursday 7/21 at 2 AM (DVR time). I wanna see how PC coached his team last year