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PSU recruit Taran Buie and SCHS hoops


17th Annual Kiwanis Holiday Basketball Tournament, State College High School North Building

CDT: State College Boys’ Basketball Preview


Should be interesting. George Junior, I think, is a reform school. Saw them play a couple of years ago. They were not bad but not great. Interesting that their players and fans may have been the best behaved I saw all year.
Oliver is a Pgh. City League team in the North Side. MANY years ago I played a good bit of ball in their very TINY gym. Don’t know if they have a new gym or not.


Played against George Junior in a summer tournament when I was in high school - was very excited to beat them, only to find out it was mostly their JV team we were playing. LOL. Kinda took something out of it, but they were probably one of the best JV teams I’ve ever seen, if that makes it any less pathetic.