PSU pre tournament video


Nittany Lion Basketball - Big Ten Tournament, Day One


This is great stuff. I wish someone followed Seton Hall as closely as this…

Big time collegiate athletes (basketball, football) live the freakin life…


Anyone else catch the burp at the 1:23 mark? :smiley:


I missed the burp, but sounded like Talor was coughing a lot. Hope he is OK. :-\


Very cool video. Feels like being on the team, really interesting to hear what they’re focusing on the day they leave and then see them doing all the things on the schedule. Whoever does these PSBS shows every year does a great job, it can’t be said enough.

One thing I hope Ed is preaching to them but didn’t say in the video, this is a new life for us. All the disappointment of this season can be erased in just 4 short days if they want it badly enough. Be very interesting to see how our guys come out - I have to say I’ve typically been pretty disappointed with how we play in this tournament, but we should have a great deal of motivation to get it done this year as far as I’m concerned.

I hope they don’t prove me wrong, but I just feel like they should look pretty inspired tonight.