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Nittany Lions Look For Third Straight Win Over Northwestern Wednesday In Evanston :-\

PSU game notes


Wildcats Wrap Up Home Stretch Against Nittany Lions Wednesday

NU Game notes

Lions want more at line from big men

PSU big men having disappointing season

Battle thriving in past eight games

Despite battle, losses are piling up


In the big men are having a disappointing season article, Ed actually said this?

“Are we a physical enough team? Right now, no,” DeChellis said. “We’re not physically setting screens; our body types aren’t wide and thick to set a good screen. Are we fouling guys hard enough? Probably not. But that’s just kind of who we are as people. I don’t know if you can just change that.”

Setting good screens doesn’t require a certain body type. And if it did, and they can’t do it, why is he running this offense? “Who we are as people?” Maybe instead of working out, he should let the players get fat so they can set good screens. Who in the Big 10 is wider and thicker than Jones and Ott? Edwards not too skinny either. Ed’s grasping at straws.

Not once in the article(s) do they mention playing with your back to the basket. Shurna is going to so school us inside, I’m almost afraid to watch. They’re likely to show up as bloopers by PSU on sportscenter. And Shurna’s not even thick and wide. Go figure. Not looking forward to Mirkovic vs. our bigs either. Some of the things Ed says, my goodness…This game is going to have to be the Talor and Tim show to win. High speed can beat NW. MSU wore them out, but Minny couldn’t, but Minny couldn’t handle their press. We can, assuming Tim and Talor are in together. Rebound and beat them down the floor with many transition buckets is the way to beat them, but they’re no longer last in rebounding, so they’re improved yoy.


Talor likes to warm up shooting from neighboring counties. This one looks like it was a layup for him. ;D


Off to a good start tonight. OSU missed the 3 at the buzzer that would have sent that game into OT and made us miss the start of our game. I have a very good feeling tonight, we’ve had a lot of success against NW through the years and I still don’t think they’re nearly as good as their record this season.


[quote=“Craftsy21, post:4, topic:849”]Talor likes to warm up shooting from neighboring counties. This one looks like it was a layup for him. ;D


I am starting to wonder if he may be going to school on an ROTC scholarship and practicing his artillery range finding.