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PSU - Mississippi IGT

Tip just went and Rebs are up 2-0 and then DJ ties it from the outside.

Both teams shooting lights out 11-10 MS 16:40 till half.

14:18 20-12 ole miss

5 of 6 from 3 eh? Im thinking that won’t hold up…

23-18 ole miss 11:16 Jackson with 10 pts

8 of PSU’s first 12 shots by DJ.

Ole Miss can’t Miss right now. Thankfully they should cool off.

Keeping this close until the half would be a major victory. Its tough to make a move when the other team shoots 100% from the field. This reminds me of the Minnesota game a few years back. Kepp it to single digits through the half and then lay the hammer… 8)

26-18 with 10 and a half left. The defense that has been so stout appears to missing as Steve Jones has mentioned Gaskins especially getting wide open shots. He has hit 4- 3’s and came into the game 1 of 10.

Paging Dr. Brooks…Paging Dr. Brooks…

7:00 minute mark and down by 8. Ole Miss shooting 69%, while we check in at 59%. Not liking that we do not seem to be guarding the perimeter.

By the numbers I’m not sensing much defense, I really wish I could watch this one

3:09 frist half, PSU down 36-31.

Didn’t ole miss have crazy 1st 1/2 against dayton, followed by a stinker 2nd half? Something like 49 pts vs 20 pts? Hopefully they go equally cold against us tonight.

Down 6 going into the first half, can’t let the game get away from us once the second half starts

Close. 46 vs 19.

I would think that we have to make adjustments. That Gaskins kid is killing us.

Gaskins seems to be a streak shooter. He’s done this before – in his first game in an Ole Miss uniform. He hit seven threes three years ago in Rebels’ opener against Mississippi Valley State his freshman year. SEC all-freshman that year with 46 treys and 38% on threes. Ripped his ACL two years ago in practice and was redshirted. Came back last year and only averaged 4.7 ppg, almost all of it on threes.

Although he’s only made more than 3 in a game one other time since then until tonight. I think he’s done, but you have to at least respect it now until he officially cools off. Still, don’t forget about their real scoring threats that have been quiet thus far.

Crap >:( >:(Miss up by 12 with under 5 left; It was close till recently. I have the feeling this game is going to haunt us, meaning that the team will make a stab at an NCAA bid but this game, if it holds as a loss, will be killer (bad loss to a poor RPI team). I may be wrong on all counts (PSU and O’Miss).

Looks like we have some ground to make up with about 4 minutes to go. I’m hoping we can pull out a win