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Psu/iowa igt

Iowa sporting throwback jerseys today

Tim Frazier? Nope, that’s Matt Glover. :wink:

I think I heard on the radio pregame show the Billy may be playing today.

They also threw out a stat that in Conference play, PSU is averaging something like 54 points per game WITHOUT Billy Oliver in the lineup, but something like 65 WITH him in the lineup.

Guess we got the B or C team announcers today.


ESPNU thought Matt Glover was Tim Frazier

Guess that’s why Matt doesn’t shoot 3’s that much.

Studio announcers said Frazier has to score for this team to win today. I’d think the rest of the team scoring is more key.

Chamber calls a timeout already.

PSU looks totally confused out there.

An illegal screen and airball to start. PC with a necessary TO…

HORRIBLE transition defense so far.

Wow, Oliver in the game.

Good to see.

Tim Frazier? Nope, that's Matt Glover. ;)

Guess we got the B or C team announcers today.

At least the announcers can read jersey numbers.

Colella with a terrible charge.

Welcome back Billy!

Collella 0-2 and an offensive foul.

#30 from Iowa… did he dye his hair to match the his Iowa uni, or is that a coincidence?

we look awful.

Trying to draw a foul. 0-2 so far this season on that.

Frazier called for a carry on a move that happens just about every single possession in college basketball.

These guys are just clueless on defense today. Worst defense of the year.

I need to mute the TV. These guys suck.