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Something something people in the building…


My first game as a season ticket holder also. I had tried for years before that but couldn’t get season tix at Rec Hall.
How things have changed since then. Lots of disappointment, but lots of fun too.



Bruce retired, Jerry gave up, Tim didnt invest would be the short answer to the hypothetical question.


This is fantastic.

I attended a pre-Syracuse practice in 1979 or 1980 (the next season) and the way Harter was coaching the team to break through traps was essentially a training video for refs on the Flagrant 2.

I talked to a guy a year or two ago who was trying to write a book about Harter’s years in Oregon, and I promoted my theory that Dick Harter was the Typhoid Mary of horribly physical ‘basketball’ that dragged down the sport at all levels for a couple of decades.

Harter carried it from college to the pros (Detroit’s Bad Boys and Pat Riley’s New York Knicks).

I would not be the first with this theory:



KenPom and Torvik both have our schedule at 4th in the nation. No doubt it’s a tough schedule.


I know you all probably don’t want to hear it but if there was a game before Rutgers on the schedule (after New Year’s) that we could win it would have been against Iowa. But now they are starting to get hot so it could end up being 72-63 them now. Michigan State 71, Penn State 56: The Road To 0-6 Is Once Again Complete - Black Shoe Diaries