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The snot buckets over on broad are not so subtly angling to get our entire freshmen class to transfer. They suck, it’s not gonna happen.







Great story, thanks!


That game still amazes me. Four of their five starters played in the NBA, NFL, or both.


I was yelling “Boom!” as if it were live all over again. God, how fun that was to watch.

I’m going to say a bad word, but God damn it, Joe Crispin was a (even worse word) ball player. Stones.


I know a member of Doherty’s staff at UNC during that time. About 5 years ago we met up with him to drink a couple beers. I showed up, unintentionally, with a PSU basketball shirt. He groaned and let a few choice expletives my direction, laughing while he did it. Told me that year was the most dysfunctional team he had ever been associated with, as a player and/or coach. Too many individuals and not a team atmosphere.


The Joe Forte dis of Titus kind of showed a lack of discipline. Best account I could find;



The pilot didn’t do a very good job of explaining their fuel situation on that flight. They weren’t about to run out of gas, but that’s what everyone heard. What they didn’t have was enough fuel to circle New Orleans for hours waiting for the weather to clear. They were going to take one pass at landing then, if that failed, they would have to divert back to Memphis, where the flight originated.



Maybe that needs to go in the ‘perception vs reality’ thread? :wink: :wink: …Although I ‘am’ surprised that we’re on the very bottom of the list.


I really wish we were getting that basketball practice facility sooner rather than later because we need it sooner rather than later.


Which is strange since when he was struggling, it looked like he had no hops at all.


That’s because that picture is against MSU in the Palestra - before he hit that freshman wall and he was exhausted from the long session.