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Does anyone have ESPN insider access? I’d be interested to see what they said about Penn state in this article: These disappointing teams will make the 2018 NCAA tournament


Dana wrote it so you knew it’d be positive haha. Basically the 3 freshmen, and the entire roster return next year. She expects certain teams in the B1G to drop cause of roster turnover, so we might move to middle of the pack and make a NW type run next year.


In action at end of this video:


“The men’s basketball team racked up $11.2 million in revenue and spent $5.8 million in expenses”


Another tidbit from that article…

"5) The men’s hockey team pulled in twice as much in ticket sales as men’s hoops "


Not sure where to put this. Mike Jensen Inky article on a Philly hoops “legend.” Only the picture kind of makes it PSU hoops. :open_mouth:


LOL. There is a running competition at the huge HoopGroup camps in Reading to see which college program shirt Puck will be repping that day on the courts. Great, great guy…but an all-time character. I was working in our basketball office on a random Sunday in the summer prepping for recruiting/camps and the office phone rang. It was Puck asking if I could put him up in the dorms at my college because he was, in his words. “coming through the area”. Not only hell, but hell no, Puck!





That woman exudes confidence. :slight_smile:


I was probably 5 or 6 rows behind Shep’s mom when we played Drexel in Allentown in Shep’s freshman season. She was the best.





There was innuendo that Watkins might transfer?