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PSU -Furman IGT

Just had the tip.

Frazier with 2 really nice finds to DJ and Brooks for wide open 3’s.

Hope we blow out Furman so I can watch a lot of Clippers

Kirkpatrick sets a nice pick.

You are a glutton for punishment.

Kirkpatrick making an early appearance. Interesting.

guys are hitting shots early…so far, so good.

Taylor actually takes some minutes off and is out of the game.

Frazier with one of the better in-out blow-by’s that I’ve seen in a while.

That was a sweet move by Tim on that layup.

Liking the early lead so far

Nice run. Great dish by Battle.

Woodyard can’t buy a bucket. Jeez :frowning:

Good to see this game is a blowout. At this rate we’ll beat the spread.

Cmon Camm you gotta hit that layup

Oh man Cam, missing that bunny and the announcers ar really rubbing it in. He will see that miss in his sleep, as in nightmare.

Makes up for it with a 3. PSU needs Cam to develop some confidence as one of the 3 off the bench.

Man, Taylor’s shot looking good today!

Nice stroke by Frazier… haven’t seen that much.

Up 16 at the half too bad it isn’t more