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PSU BigTen Stat

For what it’s worth, PSU has out rebounded all 5 of our BigTen foes.

Here’s John Gassaway’s latest on what he calls the “unicornstat”.

Here’s the specifics of his disdain.

To follow up on my previous post, here’s how you would measure our performance using offensive and defensive rebounding percentages (if your ORB%>33%, you done good; if your DRB%>67%, you done good).

Good in green, not so good in red.

Game - ORB% - DRB%
Minn 37.9% 68.8%
Wis 25.6% 83.9%
Mich 25.6% 83.9%
Ill 35.9% 81.3%
Iowa 33.3% 68.6%

So these tell somewhat the same story but point out that it’s only really on the defensive boards where we have been rebounding well (and exceptionally well at times). Then again, Gassaway also says teams like Wisconsin don’t try to hit their offensive boards and I suspect Michigan falls into the same category because they have a very perimeter oriented offense).

[quote="tundra, post:1, topic:695"]For what it's worth, PSU has out rebounded all 5 of our BigTen foes.[/quote]

Here’s John Gassaway’s perspective on what he calls the “unicornstat”.

Interesting. But, I feel all stats are somewhat “unicornstat” stats. Stats are great. I have been reading/memorizing box scores since I was a child. The problems come in the human analysis of stats. The writer talks about head coach’s citing rebound stats. I think the writer is taking a very naive approach to “coach speak.” I think many coaches like to quote stats to the media for a wide variety of reasons. But NO coach worth his whistle evaluates his players/team without using “eyeballs” as the primary data source.