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Of the three bench players seeing any significant minutes at all, I think I’m starting to trust Woodyard more than the others. He seems to have a better understanding of what needs to be done. Marshall obviously has the most potential, especially offensively, but is a little unsure (expected for a Freshman) as evidenced by his play againt the NW zone last night.

Billy Oliver has played the most minutes of the three, but to me, doesn’t appear to have improved a whole lot. I really thought his outside shooting and rebounding would be better, or at least improve. Since one of the bench players has to be a bigger body, that might explain why he sees the most minutes. For me, I’d rather see Kirkpatrick play those minutes going down the stretch in 2011. Although he may be somewhat limited, his hustle and hard work are appreciated.

So were I asked for my opinion (no one has asked to date), I would increase Woodyard’s minutes, reduce Oliver’s, and include Kirkpatrick in the mix.


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I second the like motion.

Kirkpatrick definitely should get a few minutes here and there to spell our big guys. Was really impressed for that short amount of time he got in the Minnesota game at home, but disappointed we haven’t seen too much more of him.


Other than scoring, Billy does a lot of good. Rarely out of position. Good rebounder. Probably leads the team in charges, although I cringe every time he takes one.

Camm looked really good last night. Hope he finds his outside game soon. Could really use a couple more bench points.

Kirkpatrick really did a good job in the Minnesota game. Got the bucket and the assist.

The bench as a whole really helped a lot against Minnesota. With Jeff and AJ getting the early fouls, I thought we were dead team walking.


Player Rebounds per 40 minutes
Brooks, Jeff… 8.066037736
Jones, Andrew… 7.376237624
Jackson, David (DJ) 6.024691358
Kirkpatrick, Steve. 5.517241379
Buie, Taran… 5.269461078
Woodyard, Cammeron. 5.132075472
Frazier, Tim… 4.906132666
Battle, Talor… 4.68503937
Oliver, Billy… 4.316546763
Bowman, Tre… 3.278688525
Marshall, Jermaine. 1.866666667[/tt]


I don’t understand why people bang on Billy. The kid basically hasn’t played in 2 years and so far this year he’s been pretty solid. Wether he is playing as many minutes as designed or due to injuries, he’s the big man we have left on the bench this year.

And I don’t understand extrapolating numbers for 40 minutes when you don’t play 40 minutes, other than Talor. :wink:


I’ve liked what Woodyard has brought from the beginning, its just a matter of him knocking down his shots. I remember commenting on here how he looks good in every aspect except the ball going through the cylinder. I can definitely see him and Marshall picking up some slack 8-10PPG next season.


Also if you remember when he came in with Babb, Camm was getting more minutes early as freshmen.


This should be the shortest thread ever! [rim shot]


Which is true. But that doesn’t mean he’s a good rebounder.


One underrated part of Cam’s game is his rebounding. Does a great job sneaking in for rebounds at both ends of the court.

Jermaine’s inexperience working against zones definitely showed last night, but he has the vision and passing ability to eventually be effective against it. For the time being, I think I like Cam’s spotup ability vs zone and Jermaine’s ability to put it on the deck against man.


That’s deep Tim!


Dissappointed in Oliver’s development this year. He just makes too many dumb mistakes out there. I remember earlier in the year seeing him get the ball with his back to the basket on the low block and making a great up and under move and thinking PSU had something, but he hasn’t progressed much after that. He made some bad plays last night and Ed took him out and kept him on the bench. You hear about his great practice 3 point shooting but in the game, he looks like a deer in headlights when he has to take an open jumper. Somebody else mentioned in another thread that it looks like Oliver has lost some real weight during the season, I wonder if that is affecting him.