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PSU 86 MSU 73

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MSU on a downtrend. Anything is possible.

Tracking the womens opponents.
vs. Fordham (9-6)
vs. Sacred Heart (6-8)
vs. Clemson (5-8)
@Towson (5-8)
vs.* NCCU (4-10)
vs. Pitt (3-11)

@ #25 Princeton (12-1)
vs. Rider (9-2)
@ #24 Michigan (11-3)
vs. Minnesota (11-3)
@ Wisconsin (9-5)
vs. George Mason (7-8)
vs. La Salle (6-9)
vs.* LBSU (5-8)

The Lady Lions BADDDD loss still remains as La Salle, especially as La Salle has tanked since their victory over PSU. The Lady Lions NEED to win this game to avoid having a 0-10 start to conference play. This is their best shot for a win.

Lady Lions having a great game so far. They won the 1st Quarter 24-19. An entirely different team tonight.

Lady Lions have an amazing first half. Lady Lions lead Michigan State 47-36 with 51% FG’s.

MSU made a 3rd Quarter push and got within 1 point twice. But the Lady Lions scored enough to stay ahead. Lady Lions lead 61-57 into the 4th Quarter in a high scoring game for the Lady Lions.

Lady Lions defeat MSU 86-73 in an amazing performance. Lady Lions are now 7-8!

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