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This is awesome!


Gould gets my vote, hands down. Thanks for sharing Cappy. That was awesome.


The NFL got something right for a change… putting all the important playoff games on at 4:00 set up a “decision day” type atmosphere that other sports (even baseball!) has been using for a while now.

Now if they can just get the broadcast rights updated from the 1970’s so that we can see all the action at once like you can for march madness. In central PA we kind of got lucky (if anyone noticed). WHP 21 showed the Steelers/Benglas, but the NFL thought we should have been watching the Ravens/Browns (which was the game of the day, IMO) so on my Ipad’s NFL app where they stream your “local” games, I was able to watch the Ravens too… so it WAS possible to watch both games at once, but I wonder how many people actually noticed that??

Over in the NFC, by 6:00 the Eagles had their game in the bag… so all the Drama was in Minny, but we were stuck watching the very un-dramatic end of the Eagles game until the very end when they could finally switch over.

They need to allow a split screen, or more frequent updates, or an alternate channel or SOMETHING.


Outside of the market, we did get switched to the Bears-Vikings.


Has whoever created the yellow first down line for televised football received a Nobel yet?







Pro football is fixed.


Although that one seemed fairly clear, I don’t think NFL referees have any idea what pass interference is supposed to be these days.

DBs are able to get away with basically mugging receivers. Makes me wonder if the NFL is trying to compensate for the holding allowed on offensive lines to protect QBs.


That doesn’t get Don Denkinger off the hook


Re: the Saints non-PI call, it looked far worse from the reverse angles they kept on showing. They were totally misleading angles, from the sideline view and in real time it wasn’t nearly as clear cut. They probably got it wrong, but people acting like it’s the worst call they’ve ever seen need to watch some more football. There were at least 3 worse calls alone in the Steelers loss at NO a few weeks back.

Similar to the bad call in our game yesterday, Saints didn’t lose it on that call. Blew a large lead at home and then got the ball to start OT and turned it over. Overrated team, the better team won.



I would argue that it’s the other way around. Even college receivers are taught how to push off without extending in order to gain separation. I do think in the playoffs they’ve been a little more reluctant to call a flag on all the hand-fighting that goes on (which is almost always against the defender), which is why playoff scores are below what these teams would normally do in the regular season.


Argue whichever way you want. THAT was an incredibly bad no call


From Jason Gay’s Wall Street Journal column today: “This is New England’s first Super Bowl appearance since 2018.”


Don’t post stuff like that when I’m not near duct tape to hold my head together :dizzy_face:


Oh boy!


I look forward to the congressional hearings on this!