Post Game Interview


Steve and Dick interviewed DJ after the game last night. DJ had some interesting things to say.

First off, I have to say that I’ve been really impressed with the interviews the players give and the easy back and forth they have with Steve and Dick. Steve has mentioned on more than one occasion about watching pre-season practices. I take this to mean that he has relatively open access to Ed’s practices - in stark contrast to JoePa’s practices which are legendary closed sessions.

Anyway, DJ spoke well and spoke with ease - just as many of our players do. That’s a credit to Ed and the staff and the kind of kids they recruit.

Here are some highlights.

  1. DJ couldn’t explain what happened in Charleston. Just one of those things.

  2. He admitted that the team was sort of looking forward to Virginia, Temple and then Virginia Tech. Can’t blame him for that - I think this team wants to show they are as good as a lot of ACC teams.

  3. He gave a lot of props to SHU - said they played tough and played very well as a team. They also shot well.

  4. He had good things to say about Frazier and Edwards.

Overall, another good interview with a PSU BB player and you could tell he was very optimistic about this season.


I listen to most of the football games with Steve and Jack. Steve and Jack both have made many leading comments that would lead a listener to believe that they have “practice access.” I think Steve has earned Joe’s trust. Fran Fisher had Joe’s trust to watch practice. George Paterno did…but Joe and George had a public blow up where Joe banned George from practices. I think, George had mentioned issues that he saw in practice that Joe didn’t want made public. I don’t kinow if they ever resolved the issue.