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Positive Vides (Lehigh)


Let’s get this thing started on the right foot…and the left foot as well.

  • TB goes nuts (double-double)

  • TB goes nuts (20+ points in debut)

  • JB blocks five shots

Have at it boys.


that might cause TJB to go nuts




When the rest of the team stops shooting, Taylor must pick up the slack, he cannot take three shots in a half and expect to win the game. With this group of teammagtes, he needs to be assertive and shot.


The brothers easily combine for the triple double.

Drew Jones plays angry. NIT angry.


It’s Lehigh and we’re Penn State.

Harsh, but I’m being kool-aid positive.


The team plays better than they did against ESU. 8)



What is a Positive Vide? :wink:


[quote=“CAPPY, post:8, topic:1487”]NittanyIllini,

What is a Positive Vide? ;)[/quote] defines vide as:

vi·de (vd, vd, w-) v. Abbr. v. See. Used to direct a reader's attention.

So, a positive one of these??? Something that positively distracts users from reading this forum, such as good basketball?


Looking for a win tonight, let’s start the season on a positive note


Anybody have a station that forgets to turn the feed off the internet?


It’s usually been on WSBA or WKOK in past years, but WKOK has high school football and WSBA has talk radio on right now.

EDIT: Comradio has it:

Currently interviewing Lehigh coach, I believe.


Thank, that link works. Sounds like a student production.


Yeah…no Steve Jones but gets the job done as a last resort.


[quote=“CAPPY, post:8, topic:1487”]NittanyIllini,

What is a Positive Vide? ;)[/quote]


I’ve been helping my daughter with her homework too much. I never knew that kids confused “b” and “d” so much, until I started hanging around six and seven year olds.

Though I do like State4Life’s answer, so I’m going to run with that one.

On another note…I was 1 for 3 in my predictions. But it was the one I’ve been looking for for the last three years. Talor will get his. Taran as well. But if this team were to truly battle with the big boys it will need to rise up defensively in the paint and will need Jeff to do what he did last night. He won’t block five shots in every game, but as long as he develops that kind of presence and the refs start giving him some leeway, good things will happen for this team.