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Positive Vibes (Wisconsin/Big Ten Tournament)

There comes a time in all our lives where we need to stand up and be counted. For Talor Battle, Jeff Brooks, David Jackson and Andrew Jones…now is their time.

PSU 66
Wisc 63

Win and move on…

I think Marshall continues his good play off the bench and that is the critical factor in a 59-55 PSU win.

The sixth seed has beaten the third seed in four of the past five Big Ten tournaments.

I’ll be wearing my sweet 16 shirt again tonight for good luck!

Penn State hasn’t lost when I’ve been at home as opposed to on campus since the start of 2011. Win and go dancin’.

Wisconsin’s 7-6 away from the Kohl Center, but 2 of those victories were an overtime win in Iowa and that Gasser bankjob in Ann Arbor. They’re a different team outside of Madison.

Teams playing in their first round tourney games have struggled. Wiscy will too, and will go down ala Pitt.

Ten years ago today (not exactly the same date but tourney Fri night)…PSU came off a close call beating Michigan by 2 Thursday night and shocked MSU to lockup their NCAA bid…time to do it again.

I don’t think we’ll be using the Sterling ball so our handles should be excellent and Wisconsin will stink.

I’m wearing my 2008-2009 Nittany Nation t-shirt, and I’ve had my lucky pre-game meal of nothing.

X-factor tonight is Keaton Nankevil. Can’t let him knock down 3’s.

Brooks will slow Leuer, and Frazier will take care of Jordan Taylor. No need to double up on Leuer when he gets the ball, leading to kick-outs for wide open jumpers.

It’s put up or shut up time. Let’s GO!

A lot of board lamenting about how other games did not break our way today. Not one of them would mean squat if we can’t deliver a W against the Badgers. If we loose this game, not one prior result today would have changed the fact that a loss against Wisky would result in PSU dropping out of discussion. We could not control outcomes up until the Wisky tip-off. We still have a say in the result of that one, so let’s go out there and take advantage of the opportunity.

[quote=“LPcreation, post:9, topic:2093”]I don’t think we’ll be using the Sterling ball so our handles should be excellent and Wisconsin will stink.[/quote] ;D