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Positive Vibes - Wisconsin and Beyond

As a coach, I’m a one-game-at-a-time kind of person. But I’m going to jazz it up a bit by saying that this PSU team has a wonderful opportunity to use this game as a springboard for much greater things to come. Following this win tonight at home vs Wisconsin, they still have home games vs Iowa, Nebraska, NW and Michigan. Four winnable games. Win tonight and win those four and PSU is looking at seven conference wins. Score one on the road at Iowa, and maybe, just maybe an NIT bid will be ours.

If you want some of what I’m smoking, sorry I used it all up this morning :slight_smile:

Up goes Frazier, down goes Taylor.

Penn State 36
Wisconsin 33

ha ha NI!! I like your thinking!! EVERY game I’m thinking “this could be the game they shoot well” - and if they do shoot well, we’re in the game! …we scrap, we hustle. (see Indiana @ home) Those 3 home-games were where I was thinking we’d get 3 wins. I follow your logic and have an official, kool-aid lip.

PSU - 53
Wisconsin - 49

The game goes into 16 overtime periods, playing the equivalent of 3 complete games.

  • Because of the OTs, Timmy pretty much secures the BIG TEN scoring title and assist title with a 70 pt 25 ast night.
  • EVERYONE gets into the game, with Montiminey and Wisniewski each playing 20+ minutes.
  • Peter Alexis gets into teh game and puts up a double double, to go along with 3 dunks, 2 digs and 2 spikes.
  • The players carry Chambers off the cout. Literally, because he dropped from exhaustion after the first 10 OTs.
  • Much like the Illinois win from a few years ago that all the schleps at ESPN criticized for being low scoring and “an ugly game”, this game is crticized for “nobody playing defense”. Then, Duke is praised for winning a 105-99 shootout in regulation.

Penn State - 209
Wisconsin - 203 16 OTs

[quote=“Skeeza, post:3, topic:3027”]Penn State - 209
Wisconsin - 203 16 OTs[/quote]

After the first couple of possessions I thought the NFL Pro Bowl game was going to have a similar score.

OK, back on topic…

I’ll be off to Champs to meet friends at 6pm then on to the BJC.
Glad it’s an 8:00 start - those 9pm’ers are brutal (with my 5:30am wake-up call).

Feeling good about this one… Pomeroy be damned we’re back at home…

PSU 54 Wisky River 53.

Penn State - 209 Wisconsin - 203 16 OTs

After the first couple of possessions I thought the NFL Pro Bowl game was going to have a similar score.

Saw the first quarter. Almost unwatchable. Next year, I am sure to bet the over no matter what it is !! They were playing touch football. Seriously. They had NO PASS RUSH whatsoever. Maybe they should switch to just counting apples.

No joke, the O-line and D-Line would literally stand up and basically trot around while the QB would stand there for as long as he needed to find a guy that would get open.

We haven’t lost at home with a tip time of later than 7 p.m. yet this year!!! (hey its something right???) Tim gets some help and puts up 14/6/7. Marshal and cam hit a combined six threes for the game. We go on a 6-0 run in the second half to blow it wide open and rout the badgers 46-38.

Penn State 55
Wisconsin 47

We’re gonna get 'em.

No one just waltzes into the Bryce Jordan Center and comes out unscathed.

Lions pull off another one at home, got a feeling we get some help from an unexpected source tonight.

50-48 good guys.

We have another low scoring game but Penn State is the team that holds on.

Penn State 45
Wisconsin 40

It’s Frat Rush night so there will be many a drunken student in the stands, providing us with either an awesome crowd or an absolutely terrible crowd with no in between. Either way works, and we pull it out…

54-50 (stole the 54 from above)

Watchin Wisconsin play makes my teeth hurt
Hopin we ball and chain them into submission
Eurythmics - I love you ( like a ball and chain )