Positive Vibes (UMBC)


Let’s get this party started…Klller B style…

Battle bounces back

Babb bombing from beyond

Brooks blocking and boarding


The guys have fun

Edwards has a coming out party

We get nasty on the glass


We feed it inside and make UMBC play big

Get out and run, run, run for easy transition buckets

Jones, Brooks and Jackson combine for 25 points and 15 boards

Edwards and Frazier both play well


The block party continues with 5+ rejections,

the energized D leads to crisp offense,

and the shots fall as PSU wins going away.


They can’t be better than UNC Wilm. or Tulane ;D


UMBC is terrible.


I guess that’s a positive vibe for PSU.


-After 5 neutral court and road games, it’s home cookin from here on out.

-Take out some frustration after the Temple loss

[quote="noobd, post:6, topic:443"]UMBC is terrible.[/quote]

I guess that’s a positive vibe for PSU.

It is. It pretty much guarantees a win. I would say that is positive. :wink: