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Positive Vibes Thread

I’m not here to sugar coat anything as I consider myself a realist. But there have been many threads and posts since Wednesday night’s debacle that are basically spewing the same stuff. True statements? Mostly. But after a while, as true as it may be, the stuff gets a little annoying.

You just want to stand up for the players on the team like Eminem did for himself and for his friends, sort of, in “8 Mile” during the last rap off against Papa Doc…

“I know everything he’s got to say against me
I am white
I am a ****** bum
I do live in a trailer with my mom
My boy Future is an Uncle Tom
I do got a dumb friend named Cheddar Bob
Who shoots himself in the leg with his own gun
I did get jumped by all 6 of you chumps
And Wink did **** my girl
I’m still standin here screamin **** tha Free World!!
Don’t ever try to judge me dude
You don’t know what the **** i’ve been through”

For most of us on this board, we don’t know what ED and this team, specifically Talor has been through. We only see the results on the court and judge everything we know about this team on that. And like I said, fair and true statements after last night’s game, probably. But let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water just yet. And why we are all frustrated, there is still a lot to play for.

Perseverance is one of the most noble traits an athlete or anyone for that matter can have. I deal on a weekly basis with many young athletes who face adversity and will get so far down on themselves to the point of quitting. But I tell them about the quality of perseverance. Of facing even the most difficult of circumstances and fighting through those circumstances to come out a winner. Does it work? Not always from a “winning” standpoint, but for most of these kids, they latch on to the theory of perseverance so when they have to face a similar situation in a later game, they know what to do and how to deal with the circumstance a lot better than the first time.

Sorry for another long post, as I know there have been enough of those already.

We are not Duke, we are not Kentucky, we are not Villanova, we are not Michigan State, heck we’re not even Illinois :wink: We are…Penn State. And why we don’t have a team that is as good as some of our lofty expectations, we still have a team that needs our support.

So I present you with this Positive Vibes Thread to get some positive energy going forward for this masochistic society of ours - the Penn State basketball fan community. :slight_smile: As always, allow me to start…

  • We have Talor Battle - this kid showed me something last night. He was no doubt frustrated with the fact that his teammates couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn, but he kept on battling (there’s that word again), even through cramps and what not.

  • Our defense is much improved this season, as has been fully documented on almost every other thread on this board.

  • There is a passion on this team. Passion in Talor and Taran, Jeff and DJ, Andrew and Billy, Timmy and Cameron. I refuse to get down on this team, for I will not judge a team on a bad loss…rather on how they react to and persevere through that bad loss.

  • Finally, we have each other. Most of us have been through this before with this team and this is just another test of our supreme loyalty.

Yes, I will admit that I have questions and some doubts about the ability of this team against some of the teams we will face down the road. But for the purpose of this thread, please keep your thoughts in a positive light and save those other nasty bits for the dozen other threads on this board that choose to focus on such drivel (as true as it may be :))

Thanks for listening,
Nittany Illini

basically, there is just no reason to judge the season after 7 games. good things could still lie ahead. By February we will know where they stand. we don’t know right now, good or bad.

heck it could take until March to know where they stand.

Burn the tape. This team is set up beautifully for a run at the Dance. Deep bench and talent everywhere. Ed’s in game coaching will pull out some big W’s for us this year. Let get em Lions!

There will be a game sometime this season when this team will play a great 40 minutes and shock a superior opponent. No idea when or who, but I believe it will happen. The other 20-some games, who knows.

And this board has NittanyIllini… thanks for the post, even though I don’t think all that highly of the second team in your screen name and I definitely didn’t have you pegged as the type to post 8 Mile lyrics!

Thanks Quaker…

Do you know that NFL Play60 commercial with all the Atlanta Falcons players, coaches, owner, kids riding and bouncing on the bus to the “on the bus” music…well that used to be me in high school when we would go to our track meets. Except it was the early 80’s, so we were bouncing to the Sugar Hill Gang and Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. In fact if you were in front of me right now and asked me to rap the 14 minute version of Rapper’s Delight, I could probably do it. I had thought there was a 26 minute version of the rap, but I can’t find any reference to it.

Keep the vibes flowing…

Sometimes to improve as a team, you have to suffer a bad loss almost to the point of being embarrassed. Both my championship Little League teams and one of my championship youth football teams that I coached these past two years lost bad games the week before the playoffs started and both refocused to run the table in those playoffs. Without those bad losses, I’m not sure my boys would have done what they did.

It’s time for the players on this team to show all of the doubters what they are made of and take care of business from here on out.

Here are a few more lyrics from “8 Mile”, though ironically it’s from the negative sounding “Lose Yourself” :slight_smile:

“Look, if you had one shot, one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted - One moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip?”

Let’s capture it boys.

Eminem - Lose Yourself (set to clips from 8 Mile)

Caution - Some R-rated lyrics

I feel the same way. While we had a disappointing loss we definitely have time to make up for it. It’s not like this is the end of the season. Instead of seeing all the ranked opponents we have yet to play ans thinking of them as losses I like to think of them as opportunities to surprise and get quality wins. Big 10 teams know each other well so I have no doubt we’ll be in a whole bunch of close games yet again and this year we’ll be able to pull a big upset.

A new beginning today against a solid Duquesne squad…

Battle continues his assault, goes for 20 with 5 dimes.

Brooks regains his near perfect form - 7 of 8 from the field - 17 points/10 rebounds/3 blocks

The defense holds the Dukes below 60

Penn State 71
Duquesne 59

Wednesday’s gone.
OK, we couldn’t shoot - we got smacked - it happens and it’s over.
Nobody died.

I’m on my way to the BJC right now and I’m psyched to a W.
Got on the colors and I’m on my way.

See you there…

We bounce back tonight with an 80 point effort and regain some of our swagger.

Penn State is a 4 point favorite. I say we win by 7. 68-61.

We are white,
But blue too.
We can’t shoot,
We can’t pass,
We did lose big,
by giving up only 62.
Andrew Jones has ice on his wrists,
Too many players are forced to sit in a game when we have no chance,
but to get experience while contending for the little dance.
Oliver isn’t quick and loves the brick,
Frazier can finish building the gym with his inability to lead us to a win,
Over a team other than an “EOF”, as Rokk would say
Buie can’t play, or were expectations too high?
Try sitting back and watching his full ride
Dechellis can’t coach.
So support em or not,
But don’t waste our time,
By spewing the same old shots.

Ok, that was quick, but to go with your “theme” :wink:

Fantastic State4Life…that’s the kind of stuff I’m looking for…

Let’s have a “T” party today…

Talor tickles the twine for twenty.

Tim totals ten dimes.

Taran three times three.

Tre takes it to the tin.

Penn State 75
Mt St Mary’s 59

What happened to the “Pick the closest score contest??” ???

Try this Tundra…

The Talor, Tim, Taran and Tre top them to this tune…

Twenty times two times two
Thirty times two.

That DJ Jackson gets plenty of rest for his apparently strained cervix. I would imagine ice down there would be pretty darned cold. I’m afraid to ask what the “simulation” entails. :wink:

From the Collegian article (emphasis mine):

“As for Jackson, he is classified as having suffered a cervical strain as well as stinger symptoms. Getting ice and simulation before practice Monday, Jackson said he injured himself when a Duquesne player fell on top of his head after pump faking the ball. However, he said the injury is nothing too serious.”

[quote=“Speed, post:17, topic:1596”]Try this Tundra…

The Talor, Tim, Taran and Tre top them to this tune…

Twenty times two times two
Thirty times two.[/quote]

Terrific!!! :slight_smile: