Positive Vibes: Temple


It’s about that time again!

-Chris Babb gets his stroke and swagger back.
-Tim Frazier continues his improvement, shows poise and scores in bunches
-Jeff Brooks has his coming out party, PSU dominates the glass.
-Bill Edwards continues to show that he’s a significant contributor to this squad.
-Talor does that thing he does…again.

  • Nittany Nation owns Cherry Crusade


Something a long those lines


Which means absolutely nothing if we lose. This is positive vibes for the team.


We have a few guys that hit some 3’s

Frazier dunks and ignites the players

Jones plays solid D, rebounds well and gets a few putbacks

Talor continues his hot streak


Thanks again Bleed for starting this up.

Battle and Frazier continue to have fun playing alongside each other…enjoy the ride folks.

Andrew Jones shines in his “homecoming”. Dare I say, double-double.

Bill Edwards continues to show he is worthy of starters minutes.

  • Big, Bad Bill Edwards won’t allow that to happen

  1. Edwards continues to gain strength and confidence in the knee and continues to gain minutes and becomes the 3rd scoring option for PSU, including some low post isolation game.

  2. Jones continues from his defensive effort vs. Virginia, which was not great, but much better looking than the first few games.

  3. PSU reviewed the game tape of Virginia and realized that some better spacing on the Battle/Frazier drives can lead to easy dunks for the frontcourt.

  4. Babb and/or Woodyard and/or whoever (Highberger, Oliver, Frazier) starts to be a consistent outside shooter.

  5. Brooks continues to show flashes of being a legit Big 10 top tier player and continues to have those flashes grow in length game to game.

  6. Ed continues to use a decent subsitution pattern and stops some of the headscratcher moves that happened in the Charleston tourney.


Oh, I almost forgot…Brooks’ shots that seem to always rattle out start to drop in.


Ok, sorry. I couldnt help myself…it was there for the taking! :smiley:


We remember that we can play defense if we really want to! :slight_smile:


Defense is the norm, and winning on the road happens on purpose