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Positive vibes (temple - ncaa tournament)

Just typing the words on the subject line gets me juiced for this game. There still is unfinished business…

PSU 58
Temple 54

It’s your time to shine, boys. Shine on.

This ain’t your “scrimmage game” Nittany Lions team.

PSU 66
Temple 60.

10 bench points from Marshall. Frazier gets the MSU mojo back.

PSU 65
TU 58

Gonna stick with wearing my SWEET 16 shirt for good luck to get us back to the SWEET 16! :slight_smile:

I still have mine…never worn.

I’ll be looking to add another, though.

The guys in blue & white have come too far to stop now. Let’s watch Talor, Jeff and the guys play again Saturday!

Temple plays too slow to handle the supreme speed of one Talor Battle and one Timothy Frazier. While Temple tires themselves out worrying about these two, Jeffrey Brooks and David Jackson do the damage making the Owls early flight back to Philly a long one…

Lions 64 Owls 57

Not sure where thuis best fits…but it has to help our positive vibes…

From ESPN’s College basketball front page today

Dick Jerardi picked Temple against us in football. Now he’s done it again in the Tournament.

I hope it’s with equal success.

[quote=“psugrad83, post:8, topic:2180”]Not sure where thuis best fits…but it has to help our positive vibes…

From ESPN’s College basketball front page today[/quote]Nice. The Lion is on the photo montage.

Let’s hope he doesn’t know himself.

That’s the football lion. Where’s the hoop lion? Dissed again ;D

I have a feeling it will be a close game. Battle will get hot in the second half and lead us to victory.

PSU 66
Temple 58

Talor Battle is a superhero.


After seeing the final episode of The Journey…I truly feel that Talor Battle will absolutely take over the tournament. Teams are going to have to find a way to contain him, for they won’t be able to stop him.

Today starts a new journey for Talor Battle.

He isn’t “f***ing average”.

Speaking of TB, and just out of curiosity, I wonder if he ever hear from Jesse Arnelle after he broke his career scoring record?

Talor Battle is a superhero.

He isn’t “f***ing average”.

Is this Nittany Nation’s new in-game cheer? :slight_smile:

The guys have finally made it to the big dance and will not disappoint. Bubby will go off for 25 and Brooks will chip in 16 as we move on to Saturday.

PSU 58
Temple 53

If I have to wait 10 years to see another game then we sure as hell are going to win it.