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Positive Vibes - Purdue


Penn State at Purdue and you say to yourself…well, we beat them by 20 at our place and now it’s their turn for revenge at theirs.

But wait…there is a reason why Penn State made it look easy at our place. 1) It’s our place. 2) maybe the Nits match up well against Purdue. 3) Purdue doesn’t play the type of defense that smothers Penn State, like other Big Ten teams do, though they are good at stealing the ball, something Tim Frazier is good at avoiding for the most part. 4) the Boilers were horrible shooting the ball in the first game, and this is where one of the keys comes in for tonight’s game. Purdue will not be that bad this time from 3, which usually spells doom for the Nits.

However, I see a trend coming on with PSU that I like. Both Travis and Graham are becoming very active and very comfortable in the offensive flow. Purdue’s weakness is defense and specifically interior defense. If Penn State can pound the Boilers then they have a shot at pulling down their first Big Ten road win. And one other thing…Frazier is good at exploiting weak defenses. Up goes Frazier, down goes the Boilers.

Penn State 75
Purdue 73

Why not.


Winning the Biggie for best supporting role, portraying Billy Oliver, is Cammeron Woodyard. Cam comes out of his season-long road shooting funk and knocks down 4 threes, opening up the middle for Tim to penetrate and Jon and Ross to score from the paint. PSU stuns the Boilers 61-59.


[quote=“NittanyIllini, post:1, topic:3130”]Penn State 75
Purdue 73[/quote]

I’m sorry, I meant…

Ohio State 75
Northwestern 73

What a game!!!