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Positive Vibes (Purdue)


Let’s get this party started…

Four seniors not satisfied with a 3 point loss at Ohio State. They take out their anger tonight and bounce off that bubble into the “Bracketology”.


Purdue has lost two games in a row … and a bit of their swagger.

PSU continues that trend by pulling off a shocker in West Lafayette!


Talor doesn’t shoot poorly 2 games in a row…he has a big night.
Frazier continually gets into paint, makes things happen.
Jackson, Brooks, Jones continue their solid play on both sides of the floor.
Guys are sick of hearing of “moral victories” after OSU game, and want to show their contender status.
We get that marquee road win for our resume baby!


Everyone in the starting lineup scores in double figures and Penn State wins the game


I’m tired of losing to Purdue, and so is Penn State


Just win by any means necessary. Especially if we can give Purdue a taste of their own medicine.