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Positive Vibes - PSU vs. USF


“They’re not Kentucky”


KY is the best team we’ll play all year. We’ll learn from that game and Pat will have the team up for USF.


UK is the best team almost ANYONE will play all year.

We’ll either wilt tomorrow vs. USF b/c we’re mentally “broken”. Or smash 'em to a pulp b/c we’ve played against the best athletes/recruits in the country and now we’re playing “these guys”.

In the second half - I believe anyway - they had a taste of success against Goliath. We’re not shooting in the 20’s (%) tomorrow, no way.


I watched the first half of the ODU vs USF from the sidelines. I thought ODU looked like a better matchup for us tomorrow, but I still think we can knock off USF. They have some size inside that worries me. And they seemed to be a very slow team on offense.

It’ll be the most interesting game so far, I think.


USF only plays eight guys and they had five guys play over 30 minutes and one of them played 41 minutes. My guess is that Pat’s 10 man rotation will tire them out in the 2nd half.

I’d also like to see us press some.


Just bounce back. Of course. I like Ross, Jon, and Matt in the starting lineup. We will see.


KY game was a thousand years ago.

The Lions get back on track vs USF.


We shoot the ball significantly better than yesterday. We play excellent defense like the first three games of the year.

A 4-1 start to the season with the only loss to Kentucky? I’ll take it.


Coach_Chambers Patrick Chambers
Best thing about basketball is you don’t have to wait long to get back out there! Another chance to get better today… #ATTITUDE
37 minutes ago


Kentucky beat ODU by 10 today.