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Positive Vibes - Patrick Chambers


I know…another Patrick Chambers thread. But for those of you newbies to this board, I like my “Positive Vibe” threads and felt his hire deserved one.

Just post the one thing you like about our new coach and move on…and please keep it positive and on topic.

I like this quote:
“This is like a game day when you’re really prepared. There’s no stress because you know where you’re going to go…there’s a sense of calm, a sense of confidence.”

I believe folks that we hired ourselves a winner.


He was in attendance at the infamous Indiana/PSU Rec Hall game so he understands the pain and suffering that we have all been through these many years.


Just based on a hypothesis from what I have gathered and understand I think he is very good coach. I think as a person he has a little flash and is just a cool guy. And kids like that. Outside of the oldtimers like Boeheim and Calhoun(not meant literally regarding just these two but just to make the small point) I can’t think of one currently overly successful college basketball coach who doesn’t seem like they would be fun to hang out with. Guys like Izzo, Bo Ryan, and by God Tubby Smith are spontaneous and completely original. Bruce Weber can’t even speak after a game. Thad Matta is a borderline psychopath.

I think we got the right guy to go to battle with.


He’s a Philly guy!


He has that “it” aura about him which I believe will get unprecedented support from the AD. Also having siblings who are alums means he’s got skin in the game.


I was in sales for a long time, but even I wouldn’t want to be a pharmaceutical sales rep. That is one tough gig. He was also a cold call sales rep for his family’s printing company. I just picture Dunder Mifflin and shudder.

If you have great basketball mentors like Dougherty, Magee, and Wright and can sell like he has, I believe he will be able to recruit players and sell fans.


He has the personality to bring some real excitement to the program and I think this should translate into getting more students excited and involved and in the seats. I think he can get the alums and general fans energized, too. I know, in the end, it will all come down to “wins” to get fans in the seats consistently, but if we can get more enthusiasm right from the start in the BJC, maybe that will result in a few more wins early on and we’ll get the momentum rolling even faster.

I also really like the fact that he has been mentored by several top coaches…he has experienced what it takes to be part of building a team that has the ability to make it to a final four.


This quote:

“You got to have consistency and that’s what we’re looking for. You can’t go to the NCAA tournament one year and be at the bottom of the league the next.”


nahhhh…in order for him to really understand our pain, he would have had to seen the 65-67 loss to Pitt in 92, the 42-41 OT thriller over Tennessee in 1996 or getting out hustled by Stony Brook 59-51 in 2006. I suppose that true die hards would require that he remember Dick Mumma’s Valentine’s Day gift to the Nittany lion in 1981.


“My new coach is a G.” - Trey Lewis


Now that’s a positive vibe…


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Now that’s a positive vibe…[/quote]

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He’s a Penn State Guy…



He has almost as many siblings as I do!


Because he comes from such a huge family, now the stands facing the TV cameras won’t look so empty on those weekday non-conference game nights!


The camera’s are positioned to show Nittany Nation… they moved a few years ago.

To stay on topic: You learn something new everyday!


I love the energy and enthusiasm, and think it will be a huge benefit to the program.


This hire has brought a TON of much needed POSITIVE media attention (focus even) to the program. Things just feel DIFFERENT this time around.


I went and watched the team camp at Villanova one year, maybe during the summer before Coach Chambers final year there. While I didn’t directly meet him, you couldn’t help but notice Coach Chambers presence in the gym. As his wife was quoted as saying, this is no act, and I can only imagine that his presence will be felt at every AAU, high school game, etc. that he attends. And, on top of that, he is not some blowhard trying to draw attention to himself. He just seemed very outgoing and like a pleasant, awesome guy.