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Positive vibes (ohio state - btt championship)

Well, folks, we made it to Sunday.

No stopping Talor and the boys now.

PSU 66
OSU 65

Shock the world boys…

Brooks will be the star versus OSU - 22 points and 9 boards. PSU wins their first ever Big Ten Tourney championship. Start polishing those dance shoes.

PSU - 63
OSU - 61

It’s been a different story every game of the BTT. Brooks, then the D, then Talor/Tim. Tomorrow, it’s DJ. He has been absent offensively for a while now, but tomorrow he gets a few looks and goes for 16. Then all pistons are firing.

Another gutsy effort, PSU 60-58.

Make that, wearing that shirt for good luck for the 4th day in a row! ;D

PSU 63
OSU 59

Nuff Said.


Jones and Brooks go off for huge games. Jones’ won’t show up on the stat sheet, but he’ll play awesome D.

PSU 63
OSU 60

Lets get a banner.

I will be wearing my now dirty, stinky, 2001 sweet 16 shirt for the 3rd day in a row for good luck! ;D

Make that, wearing that shirt for good luck for the 4th day in a row! ;D

You might be wearing that shirt to work all week as well. :wink:

This year is reminding me more and more of 00-01. I’m not picking a score, I predict Eddie to come out with a feasible gameplan and we go full out as always. The guys know they belong here. We’ll need a break or two probably but I have to believe we already want it more than them.

“They Belong” - a speech I’ve given the boys that I coach in youth football and baseball before each championship game the last four seasons. All in which they’ve come out and won convincingly.

“They Belong” with OSU on the court at the Big Ten Tournament championship. For those who don’t believe it, they can check the tape of the game in Columbus earlier this year. If the refs swallow their whistles down the stretch, Battle might just have won that one at the buzzer.

“They Belong” - they’re 11-4 in their last 15 games with Jeff Brooks starting and finishing the game.

“They Belong” - Wisconsin will win the game because of this and that…final score…PSU 36 Wisconsin 33

“They Belong” - Michigan State is gearing up for March just like a Tom Izzo-coached team always does…final score…PSU 61 Michigan State 48

“They Belong” - Jared Sullinger is the best thing since sliced bread and OSU is the best team in the land bar none…final score…PSU 66 Ohio State 65

Believe it boys, you belong on that court today.

Today is DJ and AJ day for the win.


Talor goes for 33 and PSU wins 65-62.

The stars lined up to help.
Cappy’s shirt did its work.

Today, its just plain man-up toughness.
Play harder, want it more, make plays, win.

Its just the proper thing to do.

“Success with Honor.”

We belong…
We are…

Talor matches the output of Wisky a couple days ago… 33 pts.

Tim flirts with a triple-double.

Brooks, Jones, and DJ combine to outscore, and more importantly outrebound, Sullinger, Lighty, and Lauderdale

… and, my flyer pick… PSU breaks 70 pts for the first time this year against a B10 opponent

PSU 71-68.

I got a little sentimental myself: Karma


Thanks so much for posting your story again. It’s things like your story that make and the people that frequent it feel like a family. We don’t always see eye-to-eye, nor should we (sort of like real family I guess)…but in the end, we’re all in this together and that’s what makes this place special.


That was awesome, Tim. Thanks for posting that so that we all have a chance to read it.

Between your piece and DJones article on the 1991 upset of UCLA I’ve shed more tears today than in the 20 years since then.

Well done!

We Are…

Amazing post, Tim. Glad that you have been able to enjoy this run with the rest of us.

You still have a bit of the writing touch - nice story. The comments about your dad not wearing a jersey really hit home. I come from a similar background and also rarely wear PSU gear, but I’m heading to the closet right now to change into something.

EDIT: Since I pine so much for his return :wink: , I pulled out a Ben Luber #3 shirt - my predictor that Jermaine Marshall comes off the bench to be the hero of the game.