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Positive Vibes -Northwestern


Never started one of these before. Made the trip from Atlanta to State College, before heading to my daughter and granddaughter in NJ.
It’s cold here and the high winds are making it feel much colder than the mid 30’s.
This is State Patrick’s Saturday, but because of past issues and problems with the weekend either the downtown bars did not open at all today or they will close down at 6:00.
That along with the promotion for student groups of 20 hopefully bring in a larger student section and create a positve and loud (er) student section.
Team responds, Tim get support, John Graham has another solid game an Jermaine and Cam both get key baskets and double figures as we put a home court win on the Cats.


Thanks Duff for starting it up for this game. Since we’re both from the Atlanta area, I feel your vibes.

Jon Graham shines and Trey Lewis comes back strong.

Penn State 67
Northwestern 62

BTW Duff, froze my a-- off watching my son play a couple of baseball tournament games in Atlanta today. Still, nice enough to play baseball in February for these kids, so all is good with the world :slight_smile: Travel safely.


Tonite’s win is the 1st of 13 in a row … go Nits !