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Positive Vibes (Northwestern)

It’s “win and move on” for the Nittany Lions as they will treat each of these next three games as an NCAA tournament play-in game.

Battle lights it up for 30

PSU 64
NW 60

Tonight can’t possibly be worse than the past 2 road games :wink: PSU’s home away from home

We continue our domination over Northwestern. Andrew Jones finds his fire again and we control the glass and the scoreboard.

calls go against PSU until ED gets the long-awaited T in the 1st half… :wink:

forwards stay in the game and out of foul trouble…

Frazier continues to outplay his counterparts…

PSU with the much needed roadie win 65-60

I say - Ed should rotate the forwards early in the first half - mostly Jones - I don’t care if he is scoring or rebounding like a mad man - sit him down to just think! he can’t foul anyone sitting on the bench - maybe from the first TV time out till the 10 minute mark - that should also help Oliver - he knows when he is going in to play - he will be ready - not sitting waiting for someone to mess up!!! rotate the guards early - don’t wait till they are winded or in foul trouble - this is a team - basketball is also a mind game -Ed get with it! - so i am just saying!!!

They’re Northwestern

NW players look like they get sand kicked in their faces at the beach!

I’m sure this game will be closer than our last contest, but the team should have tons of confidence playing them.

Battle gets his 3 assists to become the 2000/500/500 guy.

The bench plays and looks good.

Brooks earns the nickname “Fly Swatter” and garners a triple double 21 points, 11 rebounds and 12 blocks.

With the game on ESPN2 and with Dan Dakich doing the studio commentary, Talor makes that a personal challenge and take the opportunity to make sure that Dakich has nothing to rag him on. Jones plays with intensity he showed us in January (please) and Jeff Brooks does not get his second foul until the second half (PLEASE). With that we move forward.