Positive Vibes (Minnesota)


Time for the real season to begin. Only positive thoughts on this thread please…

  • Battle 25 points 7 dimes leads the charge

  • Babb finds his range in the Barn to the tune of four 3-pters

  • Edwards does damage against the Minnesota bigs, putting them in foul trouble.

Over the last three seasons the Nittany’s have played well in Big Ten road openers. Beating NW and losing at both Wisconsin and Purdue by only 4 points, in games they could have and maybe should have won.


It’s a good, ol’-fashioned Barn burning! Babb and Battle lead the charge, but Frazier is on fire, keying a big victory!


Edwards starts, scores 12-15 points, has 8-9 rebounds. Plays 28-30 minutes.

Battle, Frazier and Babb pressure the Minny guards in the backcourt, leading to Minny TO’s. Minny ends up with more TO’s than assists.

Jones gets Minny bigs in foul trouble.

Babb hits 4 treys, scores 14+.

PSU gets a bunch of transition points.

PSU is within 5 points at halftime, takes lead early in second half.

Battle gets some late key buckets and FTM’s to seal win.


Minn has lost to good 3 point shooting this year and struggles against stingy defense.

Both of those things happen and we sqweak it out in the end