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Positive Vibes (Maryland)


As some of us light a candle tonight for the first night of Hanukkah, I present you all with a massive dose of positive vibes, courtesy of Adam Sandler…enjoy…

Adam Sandler original Chanukah (Hanukkah) Song

Now onto the game at hand…Hanukkah style ;D

Battle lights it up from 3.

Brooks presents the Terps with 5 blocks.

Frazier spins (the dreidel) five Terp passes into steals.

Penn State 71-57

Why that score you ask? Well, it is year 5771. :slight_smile:


Ha! Good post!

Battle does his thing as we all know his prowess for national tv games. Brooks continues his dominant ways after all, how does one defend a 6’9" SF? Taran Buie makes the Terps sob as he reminds them of the present they didnt get last Christmas! (Hannukkah)


Hmmm… well, Brooks is a Jewish name (a la Mel Brooks), so clearly Jeff is going to light the lamp repeatedly tonight.

Battle and Buie add some outside shooting, and Drew holds their center below his averages on points and rebounds.

PSU has a lead late, and hits their free throws to ice the game.


We totally dominate Maryland tonight and get some positive media attention.


Talor makes thepeople come back.
Taran makes Maryland wish they would’ve landed him.
Jones contains Williams.
Lumberjack plays the piano at the half.
Cam finds his stroke.


Post Game thoughts-I believe it is time to go back to Positive VIDES rather than Positive Vibes, We were much better under the Positive VIDES thread